Buying books directly from an author is one way to support creatives. That’s even more true when it’s specialty books – like Secret Seattle – that are not destined for the bestseller lists and movie deals. Writing the book has been a labor of love, and I did so knowing that I wasn’t going to get rich with this publication. I want you to buy Secret Seattle because it’s a fun book. And I want you to buy it by whatever means works for you – my goal is to get it into your hands according to your preferences.

Here are a few ways to purchase the book:

Directly From Me, the Author.

This option provides me with the most profit margin as it cuts out numerous middlemen, all of whom get a piece of the action. As they should; everyone deserves fair compensation for their work. Buying directly from me allows me to sign the book and personalize it in the way you wish. That’s something no one else can provide. BUT, I don’t have a fleet of vehicles and drivers that can get the book to you overnight – all while offering free shipping in most cases. I’m a small business and it’s just me (and Tony) in the order, shipping, and delivery department.

Buying directly from me is a wonderful way to show your support. The book price is $22.50, plus 10.1% sales tax. For a limited time only, there is no shipping and handling charge. Let me know if you want the book signed or personalized. And if you’re buying 3 or more books – they make great welcome gifts for clients and customers – contact me directly for a discount.

Visit Your Local Bookstore

I love recommending you visit a local bookstore, especially an indie-owned one. As a small business myself, I love supporting other small businesses. However, I recognize that it’s not always practical, whether for COVID reasons, location, or the risk of spending too much money. I get it.

Directly From the Publisher

My publisher is Reedy Press, located in St. Louis, Missouri. They publish several series of specialty guide books in addition to this Secret series. If you want to purchase books for resale, this is where you need to go (any retail outlet).

There is no minimum purchase requirement, so buy a dozen or just buy three. The folks at Reedy are pros at this and I’ll be happy to connect you with the right department. And bless you for supporting local creatives in this way.

From Amazon

Hey, it’s Seattle and Amazon is big here. For a lot of authors, it’s the elephant in the room that they don’t want to talk about. Amazon is unstoppable with its volume pricing, fast and cheap delivery (free for Prime members), and it’s easy to order a bunch of stuff from home and wait for the truck to roll up with your delivery.

It’s cheap and convenient, and if this is how you prefer to buy your books, go for it. I’d much rather get this book in your hands to enjoy than fret over author commissions. You can order it from Amazon here.

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